Submission periods are CURRENTLY twice yearly and are as follows:


Winter Reading Period: February 1st through February 28th. 

Summer Reading Period: July 1st through August 31st. (FALL THEMED)


  • Simultaneous submissions are allowed, given it is noted in the submission.

  • Please limit submission to five poems, or one long poem, no longer than three pages long. 

  • We seek traditional form in both poetry and prose, but greatly appreciate the more experimental + darker side of literature. 

  • Please, only one submission per reading period.

  • A bio is not required but encouraged.

  • Please wait until the reading period has passed to inquire about acceptance

To submit: Email us at with your name, a short, third-person bio (optional) and your poems attached in a PDF or Word format. Please include the email subject as follow:

Name/Type of submission