like a gesture of sympathy

I lay starboard,

  at odds with the waves

Which rock me gently 

As well as shake and 

Threaten my vessel

Which is set off course

  again and again


How am I to tell!

Which pulling and pushing 

Is tearing me apart!

  And which is placing me 

Back together 


The changing tides form me 

Deaf to my prayers,

  my pleadings

And my outright defiance 

I am battered and beaten

I gasp for air

  between the violent waves

And sometimes survive

  long enough

To land on strange shores


And it is luck,

  Not prayer

Or hope

Or my intervention whatsoever

That allows me time

  to catch my breath

To feel the sun warm

  my bones 

And dry me out


And luck again that casts my 

  desperate view 

Upon some beautiful thing

That is only here for a little while