In my dreams, you’re always the first to go

Slipping from my grasp as the world around us shrinks

You pull somehow closer and yet always further from me


I find you nightly on the edges of my memories

Leaving me breadcrumbs of who I might be

Filling me with stories of the you I’ll only ever see

Through faded shadows of who you told them I was


Your presence will always be just a daydream

Long before sanguine edges of my sleep

Melt into memories and wake me with familiarity


Maybe what they should have told you

Is that sometimes dreams should remain only dreams

And while for you I may only exist as a fantasy

You never gave me that same luxury


You got to decide what was best for me

And you chose to remain barely out of reach

Somehow closer and yet always further from me


So, in my dreams, I’ll spare you all responsibility

Take after you when I chose to leave you only with memories

And a hint of the you that’s a part of me. Because in my dreams

I chose when we say goodbye.


Allison Grace (She/They), is a lover of tea and all things literary. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Allison writes coming of age poetry and prose that explore the challenges of everyday experiences. Published in Small Leaf Press, Powders Press, Ink Drinkers Magazine, and more.