Fly me to Heaven

Take me to meet God

Please let me see Him

I want to see His face, touch Him, and feel His spirit

Thinking of who He is tells me I want to meet Him.


Death takes too long to meet God

I want a front row seat on the plane to Heaven

Let the sound barriers penetrate the atmosphere

The Earth be silent as Heaven meets me

God welcoming me from His throne

His Angels surrounding the throne.


Souls burning in Hell, heavenly bliss is for me

Alive to see God in all of His glory and beauty

And to think He is a she, silly thinking

It’s so beautiful, the elaborately decorated gates, streets paved with a color that’s not what I know

The mansions are taller and bigger than being endowed by Him.


God is formidable; tall, strong and able to hold His own

I heard God, His voice. I can’t tell you how He sounds

Heaven is beautiful and perfect, like people say

Fly me to Heaven I say

His firmament, surpassing what it couldn’t be. 

I’ve flown to Heaven

Fly me to Heaven I say!


Robert Jones Jr. currently lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Community College of Philadelphia and Temple University with degrees in English. He’s a voracious reader, particularly of classic literature, influencing not only his reading but also his writing. He writes short stories when he can. He hopes to create a collection of his stories, as well as have his works for the world to read once they’re published. His twitter handle is bookshare119 and Instagram: robbyjones13.